Tacoma/Evergreen Points
End of Summer/Back to School

Hot Dogs, Potluck, Bouncy House
& Games!

Hot Dogs will be provided by Tacoma Point Improvement Club, 
BBQd by Matt and Heidi North.


Welcome to The Points! We hope you find our website an informative resource for the Evergreen Point & Tacoma Point neighborhoods and our local community.



Membership is $85 for the first key and $15 for the second key.

Membership is available only to property owners on Evergreen Point and Tacoma Point. Verification of property ownership will be made via the Pierce County Assessors Office.

The locks have been rekeyed which means last year's keys will no longer work. New keys may be ordered online by going to Membership Form. For those who "borrow" keys, we understand. Because of tailgaters and fence climbers/jumpers, please be aware there will be attendants on duty periodically this summer checking for keys with accompanying parking passes, membership cards and/or guest cards. Attendants will be authorized to call the Sheriff to remove trespassers and/or have unauthorized vehicles to be towed.
  • Tina will try to send the keys out as quickly as possible, but bear in mind, she is volunteering to do this and does have a "real" job which keeps her pretty busy.
  • Although Tina's goal is to get the keys out ASAP, it's good practice to order your key at least 10 days in advance of the day you will be needing it.
  • Please allow 10 days before calling Tina, if you haven't received your key(s).
Thank you for your patience, cooporation and support. Have a great summer!
Membership Form
Calendar of Upcoming Events

August 22
5:30 pm

All Tacoma Point & Evergreen Point Residents are invited to the TPIC End of Summer/Back to School Bash!

Hot dogs BBQd by Matt and Heidi North, Potluck, Bouncy House & Games!

Sponsored by members of the Tacoma Point Improvement Club

Tacoma Point
Big Park